Web Designs

Web Address: www.ijkdc.com

Brief Synopsis: This website was created for Paul S. Lewis – Masters Hall of Fame member and founder of IJKDC and it’s powerfully effective version of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

Web Address: http://www.ricohcopierprinterrepairservice.com/

Brief Synopsis: this website was built for a small printer repair firm in Corona, Ca that specialized in Ricoh Copier repair. Great care was taken to make sure that this website was both fast and SEO friendly.

Because this website was designed and programmed 100% from scratch and the content was customized for each page it still ranks on the first page of Google (for many keywords) even 6 years after it was built.

Web Address: www.jkdassocstore.com

Brief Synopsis: it was an absolute honor to create this website for the late great Larry Hartsell who was a direct student of the late Bruce Lee and a pioneer in the grappling arts.

Web Address: tossitupinc.com

Brief Synopsis: This website was created for a small salad cafe business in Los Angeles specializing in healthy options for people on the go.